Pain is temporary, pride is forever!

  25 & 26 November 2017  

6, 8 & 13km


38 to 64


6, 8 & 13 KM



The Hang-On Run is an unique run with obstacles that are a bit different and more challenging than the average obstacles. We used the experience we gained over the last 25 years with Survivalrunning to build a course that will really put your skills to the test. We will not say this is the hardest, biggest, toughest run in the world. But we do have the longest combinations and toughest obstacles so far. If you participated in the OCR EC in 2016, you have seen our obstacles :). So you know why we say: Pain is temporary,
Pride is forever!

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25 & 26 November 2017: we start at Holiday Park: "RCN het Grote bos" in Doorn, nearby the city Utrecht.

The run is held under the supervision of Survival Bond Nederland.
On saterday we have the 6 & 8km courses and on sunday we have the 13km course. Individual runs are races and competitors are not allowed to help eachother. Groups and couples are allowed to conquer our obstacles together.

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Saterday 25 November 2017

Hang-On Run : License runs SBN

4km - JSR 8-9 (JSCD)
6km - JSR 10-11 (JSCC)
6km - JSR 12-14 (JSCB)
8km - JSR 15-17 (JSCA)

€ 12,50
€ 15,00
€ 15,00
€ 18,00

Hang-On Run : Other classes

6km - Individual: 10+ years old
8km - Individual: 15+ years old

€ 16,00
€ 20,00

Hang-On Run : Couples and Groups

6km - Parent-Kid Run: 18+ & 8+ years
6km - Family- or groupsrun: 8+ years old
8km - Couples: 15+ years old
8km - Groepsrun: 15+ years old

€ 32,00
€ 16,00 p.p.
€ 40,00
€ 20,00 p.p.

Sunday 26 November 2017

Dutch Championship

13km - Open DC Middlelong Survivalrun: 18+ years old
(Only available for licence holders types: KSR, MSR, LSR)

€ 23,00

Hang-On Run : Other classes

13km - Individual: 18+ years old

€ 23,00

Hang-On Run : Couples and groups

13km - Couplerun: 18+ years old
13km - Group- or Teamrun: 18+ years old

€ 46,00
€ 23,00 p.p.

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We started as a group of fanatic survivalrunners that wanted to organize a Survivalrun. Because the concepts of OCR and Survivalrunning are exactly the same we thought it would be a good idea to also organize an OCR on the same course. The feedback from the attendees was very positive and this confirmed we made the right decision with the concept of the Hang-On Run. In the process of bringing OCR and Survivalrunning together we ourselves also became a mix of Obstacle course racers and Survivalrunners. Now we realize that there is actually not really a difference between the two. Beside the type of obstacles there are a few things that are a little bit different than other OCRs because of our background as a Survivalrun. F.e.: we have several different categories who will all be judged differently by the marshalls. Our run is realy a tough one. We have a lot of obstacles and most of them do require some technical skills. But you will also see a lot of walls, the destroyer, a quaterpipe, etc..
Next to our licenced runs we have two main flavors:
- Race;
- Fun.
All the individual (in Dutch: Individueel) runs are actually races. You have to conquer the obstacles in a specific way. Marshalls will tell you how (or take a look at our course pages).
If you don't or can't you will get another change. If you give up we will cut your wristband. Every missed obstacles is noted and will give a time penalty of 1 hour.

The couplerun (in Dutch: koppelrun) is (officially) also a race, however you are allowed to help eachother. Both have to conquer the obstacle. If one or both can't the wristband will be cut.

The grouprun isn't a race, it is only fun. Everybody is allowed to help eachother.

How do the marshalls know what type of competitor you are?
Quite simple actually: Marshalls recognize each category by the color of the competitor shirt.
At the beginning of the run you pick up your competitor shirt and a wristband (groups haven't got a wristband). On this shirt we printed your personal number. You are obliged to use this shirt during the run.

As a non-profit survivalrun organization we try to keep entry fees/costs as low as possible. We do not have a festival area with DJ’s, a marketing budget, big slides or medals. But we do offer a good organized race with high quality obstacles. How? We already have a lot of the obstacles and the whole organisation is done by volunteers.
So do not think a race costing only 23,- Euro can’t be a good race. We already proved that we bring a great (high quality) run.



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