Participant information

Entering the course 
For the organization of the run we are partly dependent on the cooperation of landowners. In order to maintain this cooperation in the future, it is not allowed to walk on the course before the run.

Start times and signing up
One week before the run we will publish the start times (and waves) on this website. Participants must report at the sign-up tables (A) at least 1 hour before the start of the run. At this table you will receive your competitor shirt and a wristband. During the run you have to (visibly) wear both. On the shirt we print you personal number. This number is essential for the time registration (And registration of missed obstacles).

Guarded wardrobe
In our guarded wardrobe you can hand in one closed sports bag per person. (T). You can hand in your bag only once and pick it up later by showing your competitor shirt.

The starttimes (waves) will be published one week before the run. You will find them by clicking on the Start times button in the top menu. Every competitor has got its own startnumber and start group. Please remember your startnumber!

*** Be at least 5 minutes before you have to start near the start. If you are too late, you are disqualified for the run. ***

Tips and Tricks:
– Please do wear a long running tight. It will protect your skin against the ropes and will keep you warm.
– Think about the weather. If it is cold do wear isolated clothing such as a craft thermoshirt or something.
– Do bring a plastic bag for you dirty and wet clothes.
– Don’t forget a towel there are warm showers waiting for you.
– There is no portable cash machine on the terrain so it is recommended to have some cash.
– Bring your id, we may ask you to identify yourself!
– The course will close at 16:30!

Showers and changing rooms
There are showers and changing rooms available on the terrain (D). These accommodations are provided by the RCN. It is prohibited to enter the showers with dirty clothes. So undress as much as possible before entering the shower complex. Put your dirty clothes in a bag and enter the showers. This way other competitors can also enjoy a clean shower.

Participation in the run
All runners must adhere to the rules of the SBN. You can download it here (it is in Dutch): Rulebook SBN 2018/2019.

Cancellation in extreme weather
Statistically, the chance of extreme weather in the Hang-On Run weekend is very small. If, unfortunately, we need to cancel any of the days due to extreme weather, then no refund will be paid. In consultation with the Survivalbond Netherlands we will schedule a new competition day.

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Here is some advice for your travel to Doorn for the run:
– Make sure you leave on time and try to be at the start/finish area at least one hour before you start.
– P1 will be full quite fast. For P2 and P3 you should take into account 5 to 10 minutes walk to the start/finish area. See parking.
– Remember your starttime, startgroup and startnumber to ensure swift handling with the startnumbers (see startlists).
– Dress to the weather and take an extra layer if you’re in doubt.
– With cold weather, bring a beanie and/or a winter sweater for after the run.