About us

A dream becomes reality! – Erik de Heer

And this dream came true in November 2014! The first Hang-On Run started immediately ambitious. A two day run with all Survivalrun categories and also obstacle categories! Why start small …

Months of preparation preceded. Without a team of fanatical volunteers an impossible task. But absolutely successful! Since then there is a Hang-On Run every year and every year we try to make it even better.

It is super cool to be in such a driven team! Together we try to set up a super professional (now international) run every year for the lowest price possible. Every year we manage to do it again. Completely non-profit , how cool is that! – Mijno van der Ploeg

The Hang-On Run is a complete non-profit organization. We do everything we do because we love the sport and want to give everyone a super cool experience. And the best possible match! So we want to make and keep the run as accessible as possible. A ticket has an average price of about 20 euros. A very low price for so many obstacles, distances and facilities. But because of this everyone can participate. Even those who have less to spend. We hope to get an even better competition.