Request to change category

As long as we are not sold out it’s possible to change from one category to the other on the same day. When sold out it’s not possible anymore. Then you can try to transfer your ticket to someone else. And try to find someone who will transfer a ticket to you.

Following applies to transfering your ticket:

  • It’s only possible to change to a category with free spots.
  • It’s only possible to change to a category on the same day.
  • Transfering to a longer distance may involve additional costs.
  • We will do out best but a request is never a guarantee.
  • We only provide this service for a certain time prior to the run.

Requests are possible until November 15th. Transfering a ticket can be done via: Transfer ticket

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Request to change category

Use this form to request a category change. To change from 12km to 9km for example.

Only complete forms will be considered. This does not guarantee that the change can be done. Of course we will do the best we can within the possibilities.

Changing to a longer distance may require additional payment.