Transfer ticket

It is possible to transfer your participation to someone else.

Caution! The following applies when transferring your participation:

  • With competition classes, it is only possible to transfer to someone with a competition license.
  • We’ll do our best for you, but your transfer is never guaranteed.
  • Transfer is only possible for a limited time. We want to be able to fully concentrate on the organization in the last weeks before the run. So if you’re late, you’re out of luck.

We offer this service until November 15th.

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Transfer form


Only completely completed forms will be processed. Is it a participation in a pair or group run? Then only the paying participant can request the change. Only 1 proof of participation can be transferred per form.
Would you like to transfer a ticket that requires a competition license? For the JSR, KSR, MSR and the LSR you need the corresponding license to be able to take them over.